Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Quotes

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance QuotesEvery state in the United States requires some type of automobile insurance whether it is simply liability or full coverage.  If you live in Pennsylvania or you are moving to Pennsylvania there are laws regarding the amount and type of coverage that you will need for your car.

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state.  It is one of a few in the United States.  This means that each person who drives in Pennsylvania must have medical benefits coverage and liability insurance on their vehicle from someone like

Medical Benefits Coverage

Medical benefits are required in order to pay for medical expenses incurred by you or passengers in your car no matter who’s fault the accident is deemed to be.  The minimum coverage that is governed by law is $5,000.  This type of insurance is used to cut down on the amount of lawsuits that can be filed when an accident happens.

You can purchase Limited right to sue coverage or Full tort right to sue coverage.  Limited coverage allows you to sue for all of your medical costs that you incur after an accident.  This is a cheaper option than full tort right to sue coverage which allows you to sue for full medical costs and any pain and suffering that you may have endured because of a motor vehicle accident.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage 

Liability coverage pays for the victim’s medical costs if you are in an accident that is deemed to be your fault.  There is required minimum coverage that must be met so you are legal.  The minimum coverage for liability insurance is $15,000 per person, per accident for a total of $30,000 per accident.  Also, there must be $5,000 of property damage insurance that is carried as well.

Depending upon which carrier you choose some only offer $35,000 of minimum coverage.

Stay Legal

In order to stay legal an avoid any criminal penalties in Pennsylvania is is imperative that you keep the minimum required coverage on your vehicle.  There are many insurance companies that you can choose from when you are looking for car insurance.   Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes can be found on the internet by answering a few questions.  You can also call or stop by auto insurance carriers in your area to discuss your options for automobile insurance.

Finding the most cost effective quotes will help you keep car insurance low and within the limits of your budget so you can keep your car legal and insured properly.